We are super excited to be opening our online store very soon.


Here is a little bit about our beautiful products:


Right from the start all Clean Tween products are 100% natural and infused with organic essential oils, toxin free and using vegan friendly ingredients.

So what?

Well there’s a ton of evidence that shows the healing properties of natural products, particularly when essential oils are included.


Do we really understand what is happening when expose our skin let alone our sensitive kids’ skin to synthetic, or “fake” ingredients?

Our bodies’ understand ingredients from the earth such as lemon, clove and lavender, but struggles with the artificial and that’s when the sensitivities and irritations begin; contact dermatitis, inflammation, itching, burning.


As a simple rule we should not put anything on our skin that we couldn’t eat, because eventually anything that goes on your skin will end up in your body.


Clean Tween is a product range that has been manufactured with all this in mind and with a specific focus on the needs of young sensitive skin, prone to hormonal changes.


All products are free from nasties (take a look at our FREE FROM list).


All products are proudly formulated and Made in Australia in a GMP / ISO 22716 Certified Factory. You can feel safe in knowing the product you have purchased from Clean Tween is made under strict guidelines and processes.


Clean Tween products naturally scented making the perfect choice for you girls just starting their personal self care journey


In addition to being good for your skin a focus was put in making the products beautifully scented and visually appealing to appease all our young girls!

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