Vanilla Citrus Deodorant Creme 100gr

Vanilla Citrus Deodorant Creme 100gr

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OUR SWEET SAVIOUR:  100% natural deodorant, odour free - deliciously scented


Sweating is Mother Nature’s Way of detoxifying your body of nasties – using anti perspirants blocks the delicate sweat glands from doing this – Clean Tween do not believe this is healthy and our Deodorant Crème helps absorb wetness and neutralises odour naturally!


Nourishing, gentle and effective for young girl’s skin. Clean Tweens Deodorant Crème has been specifically formulated with young girl’s sensitive skin in mind.  A beautiful blend of organic oils lemon, grapefruit,clove and natural vanillin. With a natural odour neutraliser and absorber to keep smelly armpits stinky free with care!


Suitable for all skin types Clean Tween Deodorant cream is aluminium free so does not block skins pores allowing your skin to breathe.



After cleansing or as needed throughout the day, apply a small amount into your hand and rub gently into your armpits. Naturally odour free!


Active Goodies in here:


  • Tapioca and Corn Starch – absorbs wetness and masks odour
  • Organic Coconut oil – antimicrobial
  • Diatomaceous Earth – neutralises and absorbs odour. Comes from fossilized phytoplankton
  • Sustainably sourced Glycerine – natural moisturiser
  • Triethyl Citrate – natural nonmicrobial deodorant active – a natural odour neutraliser
  • Organic Shea butter – natural moisturiser. Reduces inflammation – Vitamin A, E & F
  • Tocopherol – Vitamin E
  • Organic Lemon and grapefruit – neutralises bacteria and body odour, freshens and cleansing
  • Organic Clove bud oil – antimicrobial and added with Vanillin smells amazing!