Hand Sanitiser Spray 150mL over 66% Ethanol

Hand Sanitiser Spray 150mL over 66% Ethanol












Hand Sanitiser over 66% Ethanol

100% natural and organic hand cleanser and sanitiser


We should all cleanse and sanitise our hands often during the day to protect us from germs; why not protect ourselves with a fresh smelling instantly cleaning, sanitising hand sanitiser?

Easy to use spray for the whole family with the added benefits of lemon scented tea tree oil known for its cleansing and anti microbial properties.


66% Ethanol – naturally wheat derived used for cleansing and sanitising. Lemon scented tea tree oil – antimicrobial, antiseptic properties, cleaning, sanitising. Sustainably sourced Glycerine.

Keep yourself clean and sanitised throughout the whole day without harmful and dehydrating chemicals.

Perfect for travelling!

DIRECTIONS Spray on your hands, rub hands together.

No rinsing required!

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