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Why Preteens Smell Bad as Puberty Gets Started

Smelly is perfectly normal part of growing up for our girls and boys but they and you shouldn’t have to put up with the smells. Clean Tween products are here to assist during this normal but awkward time.

Hormones start flooding your child’s body pre-puberty and during puberty and here start the fun: smells, acne, hair growth and yep some mood swings.

Puberty stinks but all of this is a perfectly normal part of growing up even the body odour.

Though a sensitive topic to bring up body odor is due to hormonal changes in their body. All the hormonal changes, makes you sweat and as you sweat glands start pumping out more moisture. The smell comes from special sweat glands located under the arms and in the groin, which produce oils that mix with the sweat, giving bacteria on the skin something to work with and of course cause the smell that offends.

Body odor is often the earliest sign of puberty even before any physical changes occur on their body for this reason Clean Tween was developed. Clean Tween is a natural range of products to keep your tween odour free and protected. Clean Tween is a perfect way to introduce and start their personal hygiene regime. Unfortunately, as we are only humans sometimes our tweens do not realize that they have offending body odour so always a good idea to introduce to your tween a natural healthy hygiene regime (sell it to them as a rite of passage ). The Clean Tween Cleaning Routine is simple; shower daily cleansing skin, use Clean Tween Personal Hygiene Mousse a great product for our sensitive private area cleansing and deodorising naturally .Once showered and dried use Clean Tween Deodorant crème liberally to keep you fresh, deodorized and protected.

The trick is to find a way to discuss and manage your child’s body odor without stigmatizing it. Clean Tween was developed keeping this in mind; the founders Jenny and Maria wanted a range of products that were not only effective, safe, natural but also pretty .A range of products that all tweens would love to use and show off. Introducing our kids to a more positive hygiene routine and experience than we had!

Puberty shouldn’t be seen as embarrassing but being smelly sure is. So why not take a liberal approach and explain to your child that body odour is normal but keep the “bad odor” in control is achievable through Clean Tween products – Naturally and Nurturing

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