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The perfect X'mas Gifts sorted for you Tween girls!

Everyday Personal Clutch
Our Everyday Personal Clutch is perfect for tween and teen girls this Xmas

Our Clean Tween Everyday Clutch is the perfect gift for all young tweens. Order now and for a limited time every clutch also receives a sheet of Body Art Tattoos.

Each pouch contains a full size hand sanitiser, a full size refreshing dew made of aloe vera and witch hazel, a mini deodorant paste and a couple of panty liners for all day freshness. There is also enough room for a spare pair of underpants.

Everyday Personal Clutch
Everyday Personal Clutch

This little pouch is discrete and compact so it fits beautifully into school bags, sport and dance bags and even backpacks and hand bags for those long days out.

This little secret weapon gives our girls all the confidence they need in taking on the world.

Your choice of Rosewater and Lavendar or Orange Blossom scents.

Clean Tween Girls = Clean = Fun!

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