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Lets have a chat about the icky topic of body odour…..

If you are the parent of a tween or teen or a primary school teacher (I have lots of friends that are) you will be very familiar with the very unique and very funky smell. As cherubic as their faces are the smells that emanate from prepubescent boys and girls can bring tears to your eyes.

Why do they smell like this? Well when children reach puberty, a new type of sweat gland develops in their armpits and genital areas. Skin bacteria feed on the sweat this type of gland produces, and this often leads to body odour (BO).

There’s a few pre-emptive steps we as parents can take such as showering and washing properly regularly, changing clothes regularly, especially after physical activity especially changing underwear and other clothes worn next to the skin. These clothes especially collect dead skin cells, sweat and body fluids, which bacteria love to eat - that’s why kids get smelly.

The onset of puberty is also a good time for your child to start using personal hygiene products such as deodorant. There are loads of products on the market deodorants (help with the smell) and antiperspirants (stops sweating by pinching the sweat glands shut) however many of the commercially produced products are full of nasty toxins and chemicals.

Choose a naturally derived product that will be effective but also feel amazing on young skin.

With this in mind our Clean Tween Deodorant crème In Rosewater and Lavender and Vanilla Citrus was created.

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