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some helpful hints for Washing tween skin

A challenging time for most young tweens/teens – breakouts and/or acne can cause not only physical changes to your young one but can also cause emotional upheaval.

Our new 2 in 1 Skin Mousse Wash is perfect for clean beautiful skin

Here are some points on getting your tween/tweens oil breakouts in control

1. Do not squeeze or pick on spots ; this could be the worst thing you can do

2. Eat healthy foods and limit fried and sugary foods

3. Drink Water – drink a lot of water…this is so important in keeping skin well moistened.

4. Keep your skin clean – but don’t overwash it. Wash skin twice daily with a non soap or a mild cleanser (Clean Tweens Clean Start 2 in 1 Foaming Mousse is perfect!) . Wash all skin and if you have spots on your back ensure you do cleanse back and rinse. Once skin is cleansed and rinse pat dry with a clean towel

5. Do exercise – regular exercise reduces stress levels (research has shown a link between high stress levels and skin breakouts)

6. If you have severe acne/skin breakouts see a doctor/dermatologist.

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