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Common Teen Cleansers and their Hidden Toxicity

Dirty Thirty (courtesy of Teens Turning Green )

How many products do we and our children use on our face, body and hair daily! A lot! How many of these chemicals are deemed nasty! A lot! How many materials have been banned in various countries due to their toxicity! A lot!

Face cleaning should be part of every teenagers daily cosmetic ritual

The Dirty Thirty is a list of 30 chemical ingredients that are NASTY! Many have been banned by the European Union on suspicion of their toxicity.

This list was compiled by Teens for Safe Cosmetics based on a survey of over 500 teens who named the products and brands they were using daily. In collaboration with a chemist, the chemicals were investigated for their potential harm to our health. Following is the list in tabulated form for ease of reference. Rest assured these chemicals are not used in Clean Tween products!

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