Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Personal Deodorising Hygiene Mousse every day?

Yes you can. Use Clean Tweens Personal Deodorising Hygiene Mousse daily instead of soap which can cause dryness, irritation to the vaginal area. Clean Tweens Personal Deodorising Hygiene Mousse is gentle and pH balanced for this sensitive area and has been designed to cleanse and neutralise odours from this area. Also moisturises and soothes irritated skin.

Why has my Deodorant Crème changed colour?

Ahh so you have noticed that your deodorant cream is getting abit more orange then when you first purchased it! This is normal for products with natural oils. Natural and organic oils do change over time, with many products on the market, manufacturers add synthetic material in them to prevent this natural oxidising process...we don’t and won't! Your product is safe to use even if colour has gone slightly darker.

Why do I still feel wet under my underarms when using the Deodorant Crème?

Clean Tweens Deodorant crème does not contain Aluminium - this is what is used to block your pores from sweating. Considering sweat is a toxin why do we want to keep it in us! No way! Let us sweat as long as we don’t smell! Clean Tweens Deodorant Crème contains a natural active ingredient which has been clinically proven to neutralise your odours! So you may still be a bit wet under your arm pits but you won’t smell!

Does the deodorant cream come in a roll on?

Watch this space we are currently in the lab coming up with new products...Roll on deodorant is on the list.

Are your products tested on Animals?

No way! Our products are tested on the harshest of critics – a Panel of Tween girls!

We care for our animals, and therefore we don’t use any animal derived materials or any materials that have been tested on animals.

Why do you use plastic packaging?

Due to limitations locally in the packaging arena we do use plastic packaging.

Note: packaging we use does contain some recyclable packaging. We have also aiming to limit the amount of packaging we use – we find a lot of products contain plastic material, such as label, jar, cap, seal, carton etc.

Would we love to move away from plastic? YES WE WOULD!

It's Clean Tweens' plan to source more environmentally friendly packaging in the very near future!

Your products smell amazing! You must use fragrance.

No, we don’t use synthetic fragrance or parfume as this causes irritations for our tweens. You can see on our 'Free From' list all the ingredients we DO NOT use.

We only use beautiful essential oils that have been carefully chosen to smell divine!

Can we use Clean Tweens' range on sensitive or eczema prone skin?

Even though all Clean Tweens' products have been formulated and designed for sensitive hormonally changing skin, we still recommend you do a patch test first, if you or your tween suffers from medical skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis etc. The patch test is done by spraying or using the product only on a small area of skin. Leave it for a few minutes. If no reaction occurs, you can safely use the products.

Can I, as an adult use the Clean Tweens product range?

Sure you can! We do!

Please note, that the Clean Tween range has been specifically formulated for Tween girls!

Is Clean Tween Vegan?

We are a vegan and cruelty free company. Right from the start we were committed to making products that are free from animal testing and animal derivatives.

What is the shelf life of products?

As our products are natural, we recommend you use them within 6 months of opening. Store products below 30 degrees and away for sunlight. We use natural preservatives in all our products.

Does Clean Tween use certified organic materials?

We sure do. All our materials are natural and where we can we use certified organic materials such as shea and cocoa butters and essential oils.

Why does the deodorant crème and lip butter balm harden in the cold and become soft in heat?

We use natural materials and no artificial chemicals, therefore temperature changes may alter the look of product . You can continue using the product and once temperature settles the product will return to its original state.