The Clean Tween Story

Clean Tween is a 100% Natural Vegan Friendly hygiene & sanitising product range that was conceived and developed by us, two Aussie mums, Jenny and Maria with tweens of our very own.


As we looked for the right products gentle enough to use on our daughters, to help with their emerging personal hygiene needs, we realised most products on offer for young women and teenagers and especially our young tweens, contained harmful synthetic materials, many which cause painful irritations and discomfort for sensitive skin.


We saw a major need in today's personal hygiene market place for a totally 100% Natural and Organic Personal Care range of products for young girls.

With over 40 years experience combined, in beauty and skincare manufacturing as well as health and fitness, we pooled together all our knowledge and experience to create this uniquely natural tween range.

Currently Clean Tween has a specific focus on providing Personal Self Care products for young girls between 8-13 years old.

The Clean Tween Naturally Nurturing Personal Self Care Product Range not only helps deal with the icky and embarrassing topic of body odour but also helps to transition young tweens into establishing a daily personal hygiene routine.

Made from 100% natural products the entire range includes organic essential oils, is completely toxin free and uses vegan friendly ingredients, so not only is it highly effective but also nourishing and soothing for young skin.
Check our 'Free From Nasty Synthetic Materials' List


Our passion isn’t to make billions of dollars for shareholders, but rather to launch and sustain an innovative range of beautiful natural and safe products that our young girls will love using and continue to use for years to come! Our kids love these feminine santising products - we are sure yours will too.

Clean Tween are proud to say all our products have been tested on our Tween panel and given the big thumbs up by both mums and daughters!



Silicones, Phthalates, Parabens, Ethoxylated Materials, Lanolin, Mineral Oils, DEA, TEA, MEA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Animal derivatives, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Colours, Palm Oil, BHA, BHT, Glycols, Petrolatums, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, and Polyethylene Glycol.

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